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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for band?

All students will need to register for Marching Band as well as Concert Band and Instrumental Ensemble. Band is a requires double block class. Students will only be allowed to single block if academic needs cannot be met otherwise.

When do auditions occur?

All students will be expected to demonstrate basic understanding of fundamental playing. All wind students will play scales to demonstrate tone, range, and knowledde of scales. Audition information will be available in the spring.

How many credits do I earn in Band?

Band students earn 2 1/2 credits each year they are a member of the ensemble. Marching Band can satisfy 1/2 PE credits each year for the first two years. Credits earned through ensembles may be applied towards Fine Arts or electives.

Is there a fee associated with being a band member?

No. There is not a "band fee" however there are costs associated with band such as private lessons, payment for personal items, and game day meals. Other costs will be determined throughout the summer and presented in the fall parent meeting.

Are there fundraising opportunities to assist with band fees?

Yes. Many fundraisers occur throughout the school year and summer.

Can I be in band and fall sports/debate/swimming?

Yes. We have many athletes in our band program. Students in fall sports that are in direct conflict with marching band will not be expected to participate in marching band. This includes debate as well as swimming. Select league sports are considerd case by case.

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