Band Booster President: Cheryl Rollman-Tinajero

Cheryl's favorite part of being in the boosters is meeting all the parents of band students and having fun while watching the band students thrive and flourish. She is the parent of one of the drum majors and has another band member coming up in the ranks at PCMS.

Duties of the President: preside at all regular and special meetings of the PHS Band Boosters and presides over the executive team.

Foundation Board President: Laura Bachtel

Booster Vice-President: Clair Rollman-Tinajero

Clair is returning as VP full of ideas to help strategize the forward momentum of the boosters. She is looking forward to the new school year and all the fun that comes with marching season. Her two band kids keep her busy but not too busy to serve up some hot dogs at the Round Rock Express games and throw down some dance moves when the kids aren't looking. 

Duties of the Vice -President: Assists the president in all duties and shall preside at any meeting the president is unable to attend.

Foundation Board Vice President: Ben Rollman

Ben is good for heavy lifting, quick repairs, long walks to deliver water, short car rides to pick up supplies, and will actually sit and watch a game if asked.  He was never in band, but loves how it impacts his two kids.

Booster Treasurer: Anne Spanyers

Anne has her hands full with multiple musicians and athletes in her family. She's a long time band parent and loves staying as busy as her kids!

Duties of the Treasurer:

Receive, deposit and disburse all PHS Band Booster funds as directed by the membership. Maintains a working financial ledger on each account of receipts and disbursements. Makes a financial report at each executive team, regular and special meeting as required. Presents an annual record of account for audit to the executive team at first executive team meeting after July 1.

Foundation Board Treasurer

Band Booster & Foundation Secretary: Emily Visness

We wouldn't know where we are without Emily! She keeps track of who says what, when and where. When not keeping us on track and making sure everyone knows what happened at all the meetings, she collects pyrex and other mid-century modern pieces to decorate her charming kitchen!

Duties of the Secretary:

Keeps accurate record of all executive team meetings, special meetings and regular meetings and takes care of all correspondence. Makes meeting minutes available (they can be found in here).;

Sponsorship and Major Grants/Donations

The sponsorship and grants team are tireless members of the band boosters that make it possible for us to reach our goals in terms of marching equipment, food and hydration for the band, equipment repairs and the ongoing challenge of repairing and modifying the two trailers. For more information on how to help sponsorship and grants, please see the sponsorship tab on this web page.

Greg Garza - Sponsorship and Lucinda Maddin - Grants/Donations

Freshman Parent Liasion: Open

Concessions Committee Head: Beth Bryars

Oversees all matters pertaining to operation of concession stands including menus, pricing, inventory, and concession stand volunteer duties.

Committee Members: Fanny Rivas, Dawn Ng

Uniforms Committee Head: Open

Responsible for overseeing maintenance of uniforms, coordination of volunteers to clean and repair band uniforms on an as needed basis.

Committee Members: Cheryl Roll-Tina

Fund Raising Committee

Responsible for oversight of all fund raising activities excluding concessions. Reports to the executive team and general members the status of all ongoing fund raising activities. Obtains approval for all fund raising activities from the directors and general members OR executive team prior to implementation.

Open Position

Equitment Committee / Pit Crew Committee Head: Open

Responsible for all matters pertaining to marching and concert equipment of the band. Coordinates volunteers needed to carry all percussion pit equipment, etc. on and off the field for contest and performances.

Committee Members: Dawn Boyles, Laura Burnett

Responsible for publicizing information about the band and PHS Band Booster activities, including communication with local and area media.

Committee Members: Laura Bachtel

Color Guard Liaison: Kimberly Rodriguez

Acts as a liaison between the PHS Band Boosters and the directors for matters pertaining to the Color Guard program and activities.

Middle School Liaisons: Open

Acts as a liaison between the feeder middle schools, the PHS Band Boosters and the directors for matters pertaining to activities, volunteer opportunities and the integration of incoming freshman into the PHS Band Program. There needs to be 1 parent liaison representative from each middle school band program. Liaisons may be nominated by the middle school directors or the PHS band boosters.

Counting Committee Head: Kimberly Rodriguez

Responsible for collecting the monies from major fundraising events, depositing the funds to the booster account and providing an accurate accounting of the bunds to the booster treasurer. This position cannot be filled by the treasurer. Also responsible for maintaining inventory of merchandise, band wear and manages the distribution of those items at shopping night.

Committee Members: Laura Burnett

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