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Summer Band

Summer band starts in July and runs until school starts. Much of summer band is outside, so students should wear light colored clothing and bring:

  • Sunscreen

  • Snacks

  • Lunch

  • Water (1/2 gallon jug)

Summer band is intense, but a lot of fun! The band will be preparing for all elements of the marching show, including stretching, marching, learning dance elements, and most importantly learning the music. By the time school starts, they will have learned a portion of the show and be ready to perform at the first football game.

Please have your students at camp BEFORE start time. As Mr. Wilson says, "TO BE EARLY IS TO BE ON TIME, TO BE ON TIME IS TO BE LATE!"

During summer band, students will also be measured for uniforms, and will have one day for band pictures. 

For dates and times, see the Charms calendar here.

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