Fundraising News!

Please visit our Snap! Raise fundraising page and help us help the band for the 2020-2021 school year

Covid 19 News:


While we expect marching season to continue, we do not know how the changes in public health will impact the season. We know that schools will have to adapt to new safety rules and regulations and we will need to add in precautions to keep our band students safe as well as our volunteers.

We do not know how fundraising will look for this coming marching season.


We do not yet know what this coming marching season will look like at all. 

As we have guidance on decisions made by our directors, our Fine Arts Director and the UIL Board we will share that information here. 

We know that IF there is marching band, every student will need a physical.

Those forms can be found on the UIL website here.

Band Wear & Uniforms:

All uniform items will be purchased online and shipped individually. That link will be provided here after the needs are established for the 2020-2021 season. Prices are traditionally around $300 for incoming students.


Scholarship applications for band wear can be found here.

Each student needs black shorts and is responsible for purchasing those on their own.

**not cargo shorts and not athletic shorts**


You can see examples of the shorts using the links below:

All female students need sports bras.

New Parent Info:

Being a new band parent can be intimidating.
Here are two documents that may help ease your transition into having a high school band student. These documents are created by parent volunteers and aim to have updated information. Given the current state of uncertainty, they may contain information that is not updated immediately. Always reach out to your directors, parent helpers, and other booster members if you have questions.
Band Parent 101

For now, all volunteering requests are on hold.

Future volunteer opportunities will be posted through the link below.

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